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About Nandita

AMLAKI is proud to be the brand which has originated from Bangladesh. Our CEO Nandita Sharmin is qualified herbalist and completed her Diploma in Advance Herbalism (Phytotherapy) from prestigious “The School of Natural Health Science” in United Kingdom. Nandita completed her graduation and Master’s of Business Administration from Cardiff Metropolitan University. Nandita worked in Barclays Bank in UK but her passion for herbal and beauty product inspired Amlaki. Coming from a family with Herbal background, her late Grandfather Lal Mohan Baul was a renowned ayurved specialist in Narsingdi city, Bangladesh.

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Our Mission

Amlaki mission is to promote the responsible use of herbal product and ensure they are used with the highest degree of safety and efficacy. We dedicate ourselves to humanity’s quest for longer, healthier, happier lives through the innovation and modernization of Herbal Medicine.

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