Organic Skin Care

Ultimate Makeup Tips & Hacks

Ultimate Makeup Tips & Hacks

The majority of natural skin care products don’t use chemicals or artificial substances. They might also provide healthier alternatives. One of the beauty sectors with the fastest growth is natural skin care. There are several benefits to using natural skin care products rather than conventional ones, such as avoiding possibly dangerous synthetic chemicals. Additionally, it may be a green choice.

1. Prepare your face before makeup

2. Apply foundation before concealer

3. Before applying lipstick, moisturize your lips

4. Fill in your lashes with translucent powder

5. Using a triangular shape, conceal under your eyes

Prepare your face before makeup.

Before you start prepping your skin for makeup, be sure to start with clean, dry skin. Using circular motions, gently rub your favorite cleanser into your skin to remove any impurities, dirt and oil. Next up on your pre-makeup to-do list is moisturizing. Apply a generous amount of hydrating serum to your entire face while your skin is still a little damp from the toner. This will help your skin to better absorb the product. Then, follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

Apply foundation before concealer

Applying foundation before concealer is the simplest way to upgrade your beauty process. Applying foundation first can help minimize any redness or dark spots as you’re creating a smooth foundation for the rest of your products. Then, using much less product overall, go in and use your concealer to spot treat any pimples or remaining brightness.

Before applying lipstick, moisturize your lips

Okay, you know when you apply lipstick and it doesn’t go on smooth? Try prepping your lips with a gentle lip scrub

Your lips will have a smoother, softer texture for your cosmetics after the physical cleaning helps buff away any dry skin that has built up there. One thing to keep in mind is that lip scrubs should only be used once or twice a week at most.

Fill in your lashes with translucent powder

To plump up your lashes, dust some translucent setting powder on your lashes between coats of mascara. The translucent powder helps grip the mascara in between coats, leaving you with fuller, more voluminous lashes.

Using a triangular shape, conceal under your eyes

Stop putting your concealer on and instead apply it in a triangular form to brighten your under-eye area. Draw a triangle with the tip going toward the apple of your cheek and the base under your lash line. This aids in completely hiding any color and shadows to give the appearance of brighter under eyes.

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