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Skincare Essentials for Winter 2022

Skincare Essentials for Winter 2022

Winter has arrived, bringing with it a sudden drop in temperature, changing colours, and chilling winds. The forecast for unusually cold winter waves suggests that this season could be the coldest one yet.

The cold weather virtually dries out your skin and hair, as we lose all of the natural oils and moisture they need to stay healthy and supple, leaving your skin and hair dry, lifeless, and prone to dry scalps. Our skin and hair suffer more damage in the cold. During the harsh and frigid winter season, we begin to experience problems such as redness, itchy skin, rashes, flaky skin, dandruff in hair, and dry, dull hair.

The best natural substances for winter

We may strive toward having healthy, attractive skin and hair if we use best beauty products with natural sources, such as creams, lotions, moisturizers, shampoos etc. Natural ingredients like amlaki, rose, sandalwood, aloe-vera, cucumber, turmeric etc. This type of herbal product may moisturize and brighten your skin.

However, if you want a lot in a compact package, go for the best organic products of the renowned herbal brand Amlaki. They sell everything manufactured with genuine natural components. Thus, go ahead and get them so that you may start incorporating these wonderful organic ingredients into your skin and hair care routine

Herbal solutions for your daily routine

Always try to pick lotions and moisturizers with natural ingredients as like rose, orange etc. Because high chemical products have a harmful long-term effect on your skin, always pick a skincare product composed almost entirely of natural ingredients. Amlaki manufactures the top organic skin care and shampoo products in Bangladesh.

1. Face care

2. Body care

3. Hair care

Face Care

It frequently brings windy, blustery weather, which dehydrates the skin on the face and causes it to look dull and lifeless. To help you to combat dry skin in the winter, we have the ideal face mask and serum.

The greatest skin care products offered in Bangladesh are our rose-brightening and anti-aging masks. It is fantastic for enhancing the wellness and vitality of the skin overall and is excellent for all skin types to remove mild pigmentation and spot redness. And the best serum in Bangladesh is Amlaki Glowing serum. The tranexamic acid and stabilized vitamin C in Glow Serum’s light composition assist in reducing the visibility of age spots, harmonic progression, and other skin discolorations.

Body Care

Wintertime usually causes dry skin. The dry, itchy, and brittle skin of winter is a result of the cold, windy weather. We are here to serve you and have a unique herbal oil and soap for your body. The best herbal body care oil in Bangladesh is our Glowing Oil. It serves as a moisturizer, night-time oil, anti-aging oil, and under-eye oil for you. For more details, see this video. The first brightening herbal soap in Bangladesh is natural Goat Milk Brightening Soap. This organic goat milk soap has vitamins and minerals that are combined with French lavender, vitamin E, and honey to give your skin the perfect moisture in this weather.

Hair Care

As seasons change, our skin and hair both begin to lose moisture, causing dandruff, itchy scalps, dry, frizzy hair, and hair loss.

Amlaki have created a special herbal hair oil and hair cleaner for your hair to help you overcome these hair issues. The best herbal oil in Bangladesh is our Signature Hair Oil. This natural oil is created by hand and is packed with all the nutrients to strengthen, soften, and nourish your hair. Furthermore, the Hair Cleanser and Smoother is consistently the ideal cleaner. It is the perfect formulation and treatment for the hair loss issue. It’s rich in collagen and other nutrients needed for hair development, it removes excess oil and grease from the scalp and keeps hair in good condition.

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